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Knives/Cutting Devices

Atomic Ti6 Titanium Knife (Blunt & Pointed Tip)


Atomic Aquatics’s new Ti6 Titanium Dive Knife is designed to be an accessory that divers can depend on for quality, durability, and ease of use.


  • Elegantly curved 4-inch blade 

  • Serrated edge and large line-cutting notch 

  • Housed in a locking lightweight sheath 

ScubaPro Mako Stainless Steel or Titanium Knife


The sleek new Mako is made from a single piece of either 304 stainless steel or titanium, and both versions give you a number of cutting surfaces to work with. There's a primary serrated/plain edge, a sharpened tanto tip that lets you both pry and slice, and a line-cutting notch for monofilament. We tested the 304 stainless version, which resisted rust buildup like a champ, but didn't hold an edge as well as other knives in this test (try the titanium version if you need a sharper blade).


On the plus side, a composite rubber handle and blade guard provide a solid grip without the worry of fingers slipping into harm's way. The blade stows securely in a plastic sheath with a spring-loaded release button that lets you pull and replace the knife with one hand. The sheath also comes with two narrow straps for mounting on your calf or forearm. The straps use unique buckles to make it easy to mount or remove the sheath, and they are easily adjustable. Bonus: On the end of the handle there's a bottle opener, making this a tool you'll want to keep handy topside, too.

Innovative Scuba Concepts Sea Snips


These 400 series stainless steel snips easily cut through line, net, rope, kelp and thin steel cable. Works well in emergency situations where a knife might not. New connectors on the sheaths allow for mounting on BCD, weight belt or leg.

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