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Micro 2.0

This revolutionary point and shoot by Sealife is small and easy to work to ensure you capture many beautiful underwater pictures and HD video with little struggle. The "piano key" controls are simple and wide for ease of control even with gloves on. 


  • Permanently sealed and flood proof

  • 130-degree fish eye lens

  • 15mp camera/1080p video

  • Large controls

  • Waterproof USB or Wifi share

  • Built-in underwater color correction mode

  • Continuous shooting, time lapse, and upside-down shooting modes

  • 64 GB or 32 GB

Micro HD+

With PermaSeal™ Never Leak technology, this handheld camera is the first permanently sealed camera. It's easy to take photos and video, expand and add attachements, and share your shots. 


  • Permanently sealed and flood proof

  • 140-degree fish eye lens

  • 13MP camera/1080p video

  • Piano key controls

  • Waterproof USB or Wifi share

  • Land and underwater mode

  • 32 GB


Take amazing underwater photos and video with beautiful 20 megapixel resolution and 6 color correcting modes.  The underwater housing is rugged and rubber armored.   The camera is waterproof without the housing to 84'. 


  • 5 large controls and large shutter button

  • Depth tested to 200 ft

  • 20MP/HD Video 

  • Piano key controls

  • 26 mm Wide Angle Lens

  • 3x digital Zoom

  • Optical Image Stabilization 

Sea Dragon 2500 Photo/Video/Dive Light 


  • 2500 lumen flood light/800 lumen spot light

  • One button control 

  • Hidden emergency signal mode

  • 60 minute burn time on full power

  • Depth rated to 200 feet

  • Waterproof battery compartment

  • Universal mounting


Also available in 3500 and 4500 lumen

Sea Dragon Flash


  • Universal flash with SeaLife DC, Mini, and other cameras with built in flash (not compatible with SeaLife Micro HD)

  • Auto mode 

  • Variable power adjustment

  • Easy to expand and connect via fiber optic cord (included)

  • Depth rated to 200 feet/Range of 8 feet

  • Universal mount 

  • 150 flashes at full brightness

SeaLife's FlexConnect™ system assembles and disassembles in seconds and makes it easy to build your camera system exactly how you like it!  With the red quick-release buttons, you can add or subtract accessories with just a "click"! Come in today and try the FlexConnect™ system to see how revolutionary it really is. 

FlexConnect™ Grip


  • Rubber-armored grip

  • Attaches to any FlexConnect™ tray, and accepts all FlexConnect™ accessories 

  • Convenient, lightweight traveling

FlexConnect™ Flex Arm


  • 100 degree bending motion and 7'' added length

  • Creative lighting and easy aiming 

  • Can add up to two arms on each side of camera set

  • Rugged, yet flexible

FlexConnect™ Dual Tray


  • Easily add two lights or flashes to your camera set

  • Double your brightness

  • Reduce shadowing

  • Increase stability

  • Mounts to all cameras with a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount


Also available in Single Tray


SeaShell Universal Underwater Camera Case on sale for $150

  • Universal waterproof case for compact digital cameras

  • Including inserts for over 600 camera model

  • Tripod mount 

  • Depth rated to 120 feet

  • Shockproof to 1 meter

  • Freezeproof to 14 degrees F

  • Dust-proof and anti-reflection glass

Photos courtesy of SeaLife and Seashell

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