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Technical Gear


200LX/DCX DIN or yoke

High performance in a compact package. Perfect for the cold water diver or tech diver you know, the Hollis LX200/DCX is the go-to regulator you can count on beyond recreational depths or in unusually cold temperatures.


  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage as well as Over Balanced 1st.

  • Environmentally sealed first stage prevents corrosion as well as freezing up in cold temps.

  • Lighter 1st stage is stronger and ideal for penetrating wrecks

  • 2 HP ports and 5 LP ports

  • Breathability adjustment on 2nd stage helps prevent and correct free flows and allows for  seamless breathing at depth.

  • Large dive predive venturi switch for easy adjustment

  • Available in Yoke and DIN

  • PVD coating more durable than chrome


100LX/DC3 DIN or yoke

The Workhorse. This is as simple and easy as reliability and quality gets. This regulator is a great standalone life support system, as well as a great 2nd regulator when paired with the 212/DC2 for dual tank divers. Cold water design makes this a great regulator in all temps and conditions.


  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage as well as Over-Balanced 1st stage.

  • Environmentally sealed first stage prevents corrosion as well as freezing up in cold temps

  • Dive and Pre-dive Ergonomic A.V.S (Adjustable Venturi System) that you can get to with thick gloves.

  • 1 HP and 4 LP ports, DIN or yoke.

S Series Travel Wing

The S Series Bladder is designed for maximum balance and comfort for use with or without having to use a single tank adapter. This circular bladder is compact, and lightweight making it optimal for travel purposes. Available in 25lb or 38lb lift for the tech or wreck diver on the go!


  • One piece retainer and welded flange allows for servicing without the need for tools

  • Compact, streamlined design reduces drag and allows for easy passage through tight areas

  • Removable tank cradle included, and no single tank adapter required

  • Outer Shell constructed of HD 1600 denier Cordura and inner of 420 denier PU coated nylon


Elite II Harness

The Elite II harness is Tec/Rec at its finest. This harness provides all the essential needed for technical diving without sacrificing the comfort that recreational divers have grown to love.


  • Quick release buckles mounted on fully adjustable shoulder straps

  • 3 bent stainless steel adjustable D-rings on each side, as well as adjustable shoulder pads

  • Marine grade stainless steel used for all hardware and buckles

  • Custom fit achieved by adjustable sternum strap


C Series Wing

The C Series wings have been designed with a donut style bladder to provide increased balance and streamlining while traversing a wreck or cave. Available in 45lb or 60lb Lift capacity, the C series is the essential wing for any diver using a dual tank set up.


  • Outer Shell constructed of HD Laminated 1000 denier Cordura with a 15mm urethane inner bladder

  • Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference

  • Cam band slots

  • Lower left, easy to reach dump valve


DG05 Tech Computer

DG05: a tech dive computer for the ever progressing tech diver. Whether you are advanced nitrox looking towards Trimix or an avid CCR diver, the DG05 comes with the option to modify its function to best fit your diving needs. The only Trimix dive computer capable of monitoring up to 4 independent transmitters to manage multiple tanks or keep an eye on your buddy. Easily readable OLED display makes keeping tabs on your dive progression a cinch! all this packed into a sturdy aluminum casing.


  • Dive Profile and Look Ahead Graphics on Dive Screen

  • User customizable dive information screen

  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable with up to 10 gas switch presets

  • CNS % and OTU tracking of oxygen exposure

  • Programmable safety factors to increase conservancy

  • Water activated and fully programmable, all while underwater

  • Ascent rate, PO2, air break, and deco violation warnings

  • On-Board Dive Planner/Simulator

  • Imperial or Metric display


60lb Lift Bag

Just what you need to raise or mark interesting items found during your wreck and technical dive expeditions! Also used as a safety marker should a line break.


  • 60lb lift capacity

  • Nylon reduces possibility of tears and mildew

  • Hi-Viz Orange in color

  • Pressure release valve with pull handle

  • Stainless steel D ring for line attachment

  • Handle at top for easy handling



X-TEK Harness

Tested and research by professionals, the X-TEK Harness is Scubapro's answer to all of the other harness systems out in the diving world right now. This easy to used pre-threaded harness is perfect for the newly dabbling tech diver, or the seasoned veteran


  • Stainless steel backplate

  • Three part Comfort Harness System

  • Padding on the back plate is anatomically optimized for maximum comfort while diving

  • Crotch strap included complete with 2 stainless steel D-rings

  • Adjustable shoulder straps

  • Available with or without a QR weight pocket system


Dive Rite

Classic Wing

A classic design that is still working even today, the classic wing was one of the first wings introduced to the tech diving community over 20 years ago. A streamlined design allows for easy use.


  • 55lbs of lift

  • Bottom left over-pressurization dump valve


Nitek Q Nitrox/Trimix Computer

The Nitek Q has the potential to deliver everything a technical diver could ever want or need in a technical computer. A fully upgradeable two gas computer can be augmented with software for normoxic and hypoxic trimix, a digital compass, CCR, and custom gradient factors


  • Sturdy, reliable aluminum casing

  • Intuitive push button navigation takes the intimidation out of programming and navigating the Nitek Q

  • Bright and clear Yellow OLED on a very large screen make reading at depth or on the surface a breeze


MR11 Sunspot HID Slimline Light

Featuring the smallest light head in the line, the MR11 has an approximately 4-degree fixed focus beam well suited to exploration diving. Its Sunspot reflector delivers a high intensity "hot-spot" that gives superior penetration compared to most 10W lights with a powerful 500 lumens of illumination that is 300% brighter than halogen. Powered by a 12V 9000 mA NiMH battery, the 10-watt MR11 Sunspot HID Wreck gives 8-hours of burn time and is depth rated to 400 feet (121m). The MR11 comes standard with an elastic handmount or choose the optional Goodman handmount. The Wreck canister holds the battery pack and is formed from polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC). Coupled with its round shape and PVC construction the canister is indestructible even under extreme pressures. The canister lid houses the on/off switch inside a switch guard to prevent accidental on/off. A compression o-ring seal keeps water from entering the canister and locking latches prevent unintentional opening of the lid. A webbing loop allows for mounting of the canister to standard 2-inch webbing waist straps.



Worthington Steel Tanks Doubles or singles

The hot set up for local wreck and tech divers, Worthington steel doubles provide the capacity you need when exploring the many fascinating shipwrecks throughout the great lakes inside and out.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and pressures to ensure we've got the tank setup to fit your specific diving needs.

  • Can be used as a single or as a double setup when you add the correct hardware

  • Can be used with regular air, Nitrox or Trimix

  • Gives divers an added backup feature


Manta Dive Reels

Never dive a wreck without one! Manta reels are a tough, reliable, and necessary addition to any avid tech or wreck divers gear assembly. There is a large assortment of reels to choose from, but here are a couple of recommended by Elmers!


The G8 Reel - The G8 reel has a stainless steel frame and a stainless locking nut. two large hole allow the screw to penetrate and provide a secure lock. Mantas wave washer technology keeps tension on the spool at all times


The Jr. /Sr. Reel - Essential for any tech or wreck diver. Compact design and high quality materials make this reel mantas most popular and best selling reel. Includes all stainless steel hardware, one piece UHMW plastic spool, Anti-free spool technology (eliminates fouling and bird nesting), and factory set but fully adjustable tension control.


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