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Hollis Prizm 2 Rebreather 

Discover the world of rebreathers with Hollis's technical rebreather, the Prizm 2. This unit features the best of closed circuit rebreather technology by offering you efficiency and used friendly features in a solid package! This is for the serious diver wanting to go to deep depths or just extend time and dive in silence at the 130 foot depth mark!


The main benefits of a rebreather are that they keep your exhaled air within a closed loop, this allows the unit to "scrub" out excess CO2 you add small bursts of O2 back into the loop, allowing for warmer, moister breathing, longer bottom times, and less disturbance of the aquatic environment around you due to less noisy exhaust bubbles.


The Shearwater CCR Petrel computer, that is hard wired to the Prizm 2, gives you readout from each of the 3 on board O2 sensors. A HUD heads up display that is in your line of sight will also warn you of any issues with green blue or red lights that give you information to make the right choices. Hollis has an available  patented BOV (bail out valve), that allows you to switch off the rebreather to a separate bail out bottle with out removing the mouth piece from your mouth. Just a flick of a switch and you are safe. 

You do need proper training on all rebreathers, which gets you comfortable with the care and operation of the Prizm 2.

With some practice you can have up to 5 hours of dive time on this unit with its high capacity radial scrubber basket. You can run this unit on auto or manual modes keeping your PO2 at a constant set point.


If you are a technical diver or want to become one, this is the rebreather for YOU!


What the unit includes:

  • Hollis Diving Harness

  • Stainless Steel Backplate

  • Weighted breathing loop

  • New back counter lungs

  • O2 and diluent regulators

  • Shearwater Petrel computer wrist module hard wired to rig

  • Radial Scrubber Canister

  • 3x O2 Sensors

  • 3 color HUD display

Optional Extras:

  • BOV bail out valve (highly recommended)

  • Hollis integrated weight pocketsystem

  • HUD computer readout

  • Two 23cf h.p. tanks (2 needed)

  • Custom covers for the scrubber canister (black incl)

Available Today!

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