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3mm/5mm Everflex Gloves


Ultraflexible neoprene with silverskin lining means that the Everflex glove is extremely easy to put on and take off and soft and supple optimising dexterity even underwater.  Textured fingers and palms provide great gripping surface. 


Available in 3mm or 5mm


Tropic Amara Sport Glove


Available in black with graphite Amara palm


  • Soft thin Neoprene

  • For protection in warm waters. 

  • Layer of Amara on palm 

  • Resistant to punctures, and keeps soft when drying.

  • Thickness: 1.5mm


 Aqua Lock Semi-Dry Gloves


Aqua lock is the Newest glove Henderson makes, and fitted with a skin-in wrist seal, they're ideal for harsh conditions. Waterproof seams eliminate cold water seepage and highly-abrasion resistant palms are just the ticket for wrecks and other abrasive environments. These gloves are the perfect compliment to Aqua Lock suits, Boots and hoods. 


Sizes Unisex: XS - XXL

Material Thickness: 3mm, 5mm and 7mm

Fourth Element

5mm Semidry Dive Glove


These gloves are a great alternative to dry gloves and mitts because they offer both warmth and dexterity. Also available in 3mm.


  • Glued, bindstiched, and sealed seams

  • Thermoflex neoprene is stretchy for a perfect fit

  • Interior Hydrolock seal 

  • Easy donning

  • Carbonite exterior provides grip and abrasion protection

  • Unisex: XS - XL

  • Material Thickness: 5mm

G1 Glove Liners


  • Can be used under drygloves or wet mitts 

  • 1.5mm hydrofoam provides the confidence that in the case of a dryglove failure, the glove liners will retain some of the thermal protection they offered when dry

  • Bamboo derived fabric lining inside provides excellent thermal protection 

EZ-On Dry Gloves and Yellow Glove Liners


This easy dry glove system is a comfortable, warm way to dive dry! 

The yellow glove liners provide warmth, while the thick rubber EZ-On Dry Gloves keep hands completely dry. 




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