Current Scuba Gear Packages



SP5 , Alpha 8, Alpha 8, oceanpro w/wt. pockets, Veo 2.0

combo $99.91 per month 0% Synchrony financing.

15% off MSRP!
New Diver Package - $1399

For under $1,400 you could be fully equipped for all your future dive 
adventures. $116.58 per month with Synchrony 0% financing.

Gear package includes:


-EDX Environmentally Sealed 1st stage Yoke or DIN

-Delta 2nd stage
-Alpha 8 Octo
-Biolite or Oceanpro weight-integrated BCD
-Veo 2.0 Personal Dive Computer (2-gauge Combo)



MK21, C370, GO BCD, Air 2, Subgear computer

Traveling Diver Package - $1947.00

With a FREE regulator bag and $150 in-store credit for suit, travel bag, tanks, etc. $162 per month with Synchrony 0% 12 month financing.


-GO BCD w/ Air 2 alternate air

-Subgear air integrated computer

-parts for life offer, priceless!


MK17/G260, Seahawk, Air 2, G2/transmitter


Wreck Diver - $2627.00

With a FREE regulator bag and $200 in-store credit! $218.92 per month with 12 month 0% financing w/Synchrony financial.

For the prepared local wreck diver:

-MK17/G260 or S620Ti

-Seahawk weight-integrated BCD w/ Air 2 

-G2 w/transmitter w/o HRM 



MK25EVO/S620TI, ANY BCD w/ Air 2, G2

Best of Everything - $3,188.00

With a FREE regulator bag and $300 in-store credit! $265.66 per mo with 0% interest financing with 12 mo. Synchrony financing.

Get the best of the best with high-end gear and regulators at a great deal! 


-Any BCD with/ 5th generation Air 2

-Scubapro G2 hose-less computer w/ sending unit  

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