Great Lakes Shipwreck Charters 

Jerry's Dock w/ Double Action Charters
Hume charters  Hammond w/ Double Action Charters
North Point w/ GO DEEP LLC
Wilmette Harbor GO DEEP LLC
McKinley Marina w/ Shipwreck Explorers LLC

Call for additional tech charters! We will be taking a waitlist on all charters since they are filling up so soon. 

* Charter destinations and prices are subject to change. Payment made on boat by cash or check to the DM only .
* Equipment and tanks are NOT included in the Charter cost. You must provide your own gear. We do offer a full line of Scuba equipment, tanks, suits and weights for rental.
* Once you reserve a spot on the charter, you are responsible for paying for your spot unless we can fill the spot before the charter goes out. 72 hour cancellation notice required. Please ask departure time and meeting at the time of signing up.