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Uwatec U-Line 2 Gauge Console


  • Streamlined console housing pressure and depth gauges

  • Pressure Gauge: Zero to 6000 psi analog pressure gauge.

  • Depth Gauge: Zero to 200 ft. air filled depth gauge with maximum depth indicator.


ScubaPro Pressure Gauge


Compact, yet easy to read and great for traveling.


  • Zero-6000 psi analog pressure gauge

  • Adapted to all high pressure tanks.

  • Accepts C-1 Compass

Uwatec 3 Gauge Console


Convenient 3 gauge console with depth gauge and FS-1 compass on the front and pressure gauge on the back.


  • Pressure Gauge: Zero to 6000 psi analog pressure gauge.

  • Depth Gauge: Zero to 200 ft. oil-filled depth gauge with maximum depth indicator.


200’ Swivel Maxdepth 2 Gauge Console


Modular flexibility. The MaxDepth gauge is still one of the most dependable instruments around for divers who are just starting out or don't feel they need the advanced features of a Personal Dive Computer just yet. But don't worry, Oceanic's modular gauge design allows you to easily swap out the depth gauge module with a PDC as your needs change and your experience grows.


  • Non-linear depth scale is easier to read in shallow depths, and makes it much easier to maintain safety stop depths

  • OceanGlo® luminescent gauge face absorbs light and glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than conventional glow-in-the-dark materials

  • 200' maximum depth reading

  • Automatic maximum depth indicator


SWIV Console
Introducing the new standard in modular instrument systems. The all-new SWIV Console provides complete flexibility over how your instruments are configued. An allen key and a twist of the wrist allows you to position your gauges to meet your diving style. The SWIV Navcon is a three gauge console, including compass. A compass may easily be added to the Combo version.

150’ Oil-Filed 2 Gauge Combo


Rugged, inexpensive and fully covered by Oceanic's warranty and reputation. The Oil Filled Depth Gauge is a great value, designed to fit virtually all Oceanic consoles.


  • Rugged and economical design

  • 150' maximum depth reading

  • Fluorescent markings at 10, 20, 30, and 130 feet make it easier to see safety stop depths and the recommended sport diving limit

  • Large luminous display for easy reading

Pony Bottle Gauge


Try this on for size. The miniature Pony Bottle Gauge is a fully functional submersible pressure gauge rated to 5,000 psi. Ideal for back-up air supplies or decompression tanks, the Pony Bottle Gauge is the perfect accessory for use with wireless PDC's, allowing you to quickly pressure check your cylinder without linking your receiver unit.


  • Threads directly into any standard first stage high pressure port

  • Nitrox compatible to 100% O2

  • Large numbers and green, yellow and read indicators for easy monitoring

  • One-way safety valve

  • Readings to 5,000 psi

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