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 The compressed air cylinder is something that all local divers and some travel divers should not be without. Having your own cylinders means you can have them filled and dive at your leisure without the time constraints of cylinder rentals. Plus you can get custom sizes, capacities and even colors!


Due to the large variety of tanks and the many different needs of different divers for different styles of diving, we do not stock many cylinders in-house at all times, however we can order any type of scuba cylinder under the sun and have your customized tank shipped to us within a week's time for your convenience!

If you buy a tank from us, the first three fills are free! 

Various Sized Aluminum Cylinders
Steel LP and HP Cylinders

If you have any questions regarding what cylinder would be the best fit for you, feel free to give us a call at 847-475-7946 and we will guide you to the best choice!

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