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NEW Greenprene Fullsuit

Greenprene® is a sustainable, insanely warm, super stretchy, ultra-durable insulating foam that provides excellent UV resistance. Greenprene® is also significantly lighter in weight than traditional neoprene materials. Greenprene® is 100% neoprene free sustainable insulating foam. It has been tested and is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred® program as a USDA Biobased product. Greenprene® is formulated from deproteinized natural rubber along with other natural additives such as sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The result is a sustainable Bio Based insulating foam that is ultra-soft, stretchy, durable and light weight. Greenprene® wetsuits will allow you to move freely without restriction while keeping you warm and comfortable in the most demanding conditions.


EXTERIOR – The recycled AQUA-SILK ® exterior fabric laminate is manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its durability, abrasion and Velcro® resistance as well as its fast drying properties. The fabric is made from (88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex), which has been tested AZO-free and Oeko-tex certified.

INTERIOR – The recycled BIO-SPAN® fabric laminate is manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its superior comfort, warmth and ridiculous stretch. There is simply nothing else like it in the water today.  The fabric is made from (88% recycled polyester and 12% Nylon), which has been tested AZO-free and is Oeko-tex certified.


Allergic reactions from wetsuit use can be caused by a wide variety of materials that go into building a wetsuit and ultimately contacting your skin. Allergic reactions that are caused from Neoprene may not present themselves when using Greenprene® wetsuits, the only way to confirm this is to consult with your doctor and do a test.

Mens: XS-3XL, MS, ML, MT, LS, LT, XLS, XLT
Womens: 4-14, 8S, 8T, 10S, 10T, 12S, 12T  

Material Thickness
3mm 5mm 7mm


NEW Aqua Lock

Aqua Lock® Men's & Women's Full Jumpsuit interior dries in 15 minutes. Just turn it inside out and let it hang.

Nobody like putting on a wet wetsuit. With this suit you never will have to. 

Have you ever had a suit pinch you behind the knees? Or be so stiff that you couldn't cross your arms? The full-length Aqua Lock Jumpsuit solves these problems with the phenomenal elasticity of Aqua Lock neoprene. It stretches up to 250% of its original length for the ultimate in flex and comfort. Most noticeable is the taped outer seams that won't let water thru like conventional wet suits. Aqua lock seal cuffs and ankles on 5mm and 7mm suits an adjustable collar inhibit water flow at the ankles, wrists and neck. The 5mm and 7mm models offer Aqua Lock seals that mate with specially designed Aqua Lock boots, hoods and gloves for an nearly semidry suit. Henderson's back zip makes pulling on this one-piece a breeze and special knee pads protect against abrasion. 10 year warranty!

Mens: XS - 3XL, LL, XLL
Womens: 4 - 14, Additional sizes (W1, W2, WP1, WP2)

Material Thickness
3mm 5mm 7mm


Introducing the Henderson Thermaxx line of wetsuits! This is a super stretchy, strong, and comfortable wetsuit with a mid range pricetag that is sure to keep you warm throughout any wetsuit appropriate dive you want to take it on!


  • Using a special process, Titanium powder is combined with a special ultra stretch adhesive material to create an external titanium thermal barrier between the nylon fabric laminate and the neoprene core.

  • The inside of the wetsuit is lined with Hendersons's signature Fire Fleece, an ultra high stretch, synthetic fleece which is incredibly supple, soft, and comfortable. Fire Fleece helps keep water transfer to a minimum throughout the wetsuit resulting in a warmer and more comfortable dive excursion.

  • Available in 3, 5, and 7mm, as well as a range of sizes and colors, there is no doubt that we have a Thermaxx suit that will perfectly fit your need!

  • Mens: XS - 4XL

  • Womens: 0 - 20


Short and Tall sizing is available in women's 6, 8 and 10 and Men's M, L, XL and XXL



Neosport is a great choice for the occasional diver that wants a very comfortable suit but does not dive 100+ dives annually. This material is super stretchy-- 250% 4 way stretch and feels great against your skin. Because it contours well in all directions it has superior fit and comfort. These suits are very affordable.


  • Mens: S - 3XL 

  • Womens: 4 - 14

  • Material Thickness: 3/2mm, 5mm, 7mm

  • Available Colors: Black/blue mens, Black/purple women's

Shorty Wetsuits


When you need a little more warmth, the 3mm shorty delivers with excellent core-warming capability and an anatomical fit that’s easy to swim in. Flatlock seam construction is both highly durable and helps prevent chaffing against the skin. Like the 2mm version, it uses an adjustable collar to give divers a secure and comfortable seal at the neck.

Neoprene material, flatlock seams, heavy duty back zip, black/silver, blue/black (M) and purple/black (W).


SIZES: Mens S - 3XL; Womens 4 - 14

Neosport 1.5mm Unisex Tropic Shorts


Ideal undergarments for any wetsuit, these shorts are designed to make diving easier. The bike style shorts have a drawstring at the waist and special non-slip bands at the knees. These bands keep the legs from rolling up while donning a wetsuit. Flatlock stitching helps prevent chaffing and each garment is anatomically styled to enhance your physique. They have a high back to prevent plumber butt and the keep you warm.


Great for paddle sports as well.


  • Unisex: XS - XXXL

  • Material Thickness: 1.5mm


  • Available Colors: Black

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