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Hyperstretch® Hood

  • One of the easiest hoods to don 

  • Conforms to the head and neck

  • Thermal protection without the tight, restrictive feel

  • Generous range of motion for natural movements so divers can view the reef, check on a buddy or adjust their own gear without straining neck and shoulder muscles. 

  • Three thicknesses, the larger two include a unique flow vent that allows trapped exhaust bubbles to escape while preventing heat loss.

  • Unisex: XS - XXL

  • Material Thickness: 3mm 5/3mm 6/5mm

Aqua Lock® Hood with Bib

  • Combines the thermal qualities of a semi dry suit with a fantastic fit to protect the body's most vulnerable area of heat loss 

  • Specially designed chin cup keeps the hood properly positioned

  • Oversized bib ensures total protection at the neck. 

  • A flow vent prevents ballooning from the diver's exhaust bubbles. 

  • 3 silicone rings designed to mate to Aqua Lock® jump suits for a semi dry connection that keeps water at bay.

  • Look for Aqua Lock® Gloves and boots to complement your comfort.

  • Unisex: XS - XXL

  • Material Thickness: 5/3mm 7/5mm

Thermoprene Sport Cap

  •  Thermoprene® material

  • Perfect for tropic water

  • Hook & loop chin closure

  • Flatlock seams

  • Unisex: XS - XXL

  • Material Thickness: 1.5mm or 2.5mm


7/4/2mm Heat Series Zipper Dry Hood

Loaded with innovative features, this is the ultimate neoprene dry suit

  • Heat LogoCenter panels are made from double-layered 3mm titanium neoprene with molded vent valves to release trapped air from within the hood.

  • 7mm neoprene side panels, 5mm forehead, and 3mm chin offers optimum warmth, supreme comfort while eliminating jaw fatigue.

  • Seams are glued, blind-stitched, and seam sealed.

  • Zipper with sealing gusset and Velcro tab at zip base allows easy donning and doffing.

  • Grip Strips located at hood side prevent mask strap from slipping.

  • Ergonomically designed collar conforms to your body for maximum coverage and mobility.

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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