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Gerry's Dock

Join Elmer's for Shipwreck Diving in Lake Michigan out o 518 S Water st Milwaukee, WI. 


Boat Leaves Harbor at 8:00 AM. Please arrive at 7:30 AM
            Milwaukee Harbor Charter Cost: $125.00


To get to Gerry's Dock: Take I94 to downtown Milwaukee Get off at National Ave East take it 6 blocks E to1st. and turn left on 1st Street go about 6 blocks N.  Then, take a right on Florida St. E for 2 blocks L on Water and drive to the north end of the fenced-in area where the gate is. The boat The Alma,  will be on the south end of the fenced-in area at the furthest S slip.


Charters from Milwaukee prices listed above and departure times. Price does not include tanks or equipment rental. We have a variety of tank sizes available for rent at Elmer's at $15.00 each, or Nitrox tank rentals available at $20.00 per tank. No charge for parking. There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 divers aboard this US Coast Guard Inspected Vessel. Please check the schedule for available spaces. 


Dives tend to be deeper than 80 feet and require an Advanced and/or Wreck Diver Certification. If you are not sure, call the shop to see if you qualify for these dives.

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