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North Point

Join Elmer's for Shipwreck Diving in Lake Michigan out of North Point Marina in Winthrop Harbor Illinois.  The charters will be either aboard the Alena with Go Deep off of dock A/C at the North end of the harbor.


Charters from North Point

Cost: $115-$125


Price does not include tanks or equipment rental.  We have a variety of tank sizes available for rent at Elmer's at  $11.00 each, or Nitrox tank rentals available at $19.00 per tank.  No charge for parking.  There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 divers aboard this Vessel. Please check the schedule for available spaces. 


Dives out of North Point are 100 feet  or greater and require an Advanced and/or Wreck Diver Certification.  If you are not sure, call the shop to see if you qualify for these dives. 

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